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Deep Cleaning Mastery for Central Florida Homes & Offices

Dive into a level of cleanliness that rejuvenates every corner and crevice.

Deep Clean Transformation

In Central Florida’s bustling environment, every space deserves a deep, thorough refresh once in a while. Total Cleaning Services’ deep cleaning goes beyond surface shine. We delve into those often-overlooked areas, targeting deep-seated dirt, stubborn grime, and hidden dust. With our expertise tailored for Central Florida’s specific needs, we transform homes and offices into revitalized, invigorating spaces. When you think deep cleaning in Central Florida, think unmatched thoroughness, think Total Cleaning Services.

Why Choose Total Cleaning Services for Deep Cleaning?

Over time, dirt and dust accumulate in hard-to-reach places, making the environment less healthy and welcoming. Our Deep Cleaning is meticulously designed to eliminate these accumulations, using specific techniques and high-quality cleaning products. Specialized professionals ensure the effective removal of dirt, revitalizing each space for a result that exceeds expectations.

What’s Included in the Deep Cleaning Service?

Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Detailed vacuuming and mopping of all hard floors.
  • Dust removal from all furniture, blinds, and light fixtures.
  • Thorough cleaning of baseboards, doors, window sills, and window edges.
  • Targeted wall cleaning to remove marks and dirt accumulation.
  • Elimination of all cobwebs.
  • Careful disinfection of bathrooms and kitchens, including sinks, countertops, appliances, ovens, and cooktops.
  • Inside cleaning of microwaves and all cabinet fronts.
  • Complete sanitization of ceiling fans, light fixtures, and bulbs.
  • Interior window cleaning for a clear and bright finish.

We Tailor Our Service to Your Requirements.

Each space has its particularities and specific needs. That’s why, at Total Cleaning Services, we offer the flexibility to adjust our Deep Cleaning according to your unique requirements. We are committed to providing a cleaning that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Revitalize Your Space Today!

Contact us and see how our Deep Cleaning can make a difference in your home or workplace. Allow Total Cleaning Services to bring back the feeling of renewal and freshness to your space, creating a healthier, cleaner, and more welcoming environment for everyone.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

What Our Services Include

Regular CleaningDeep CleaningMove in/out Cleaning
Vacuum & Mop all hardfloorsXXX
Dust all furnitureXXX
Wet clean baseboards and doorsXXX
Dust windows sills and ledgesXX
Wet clean windows sills and ledgesX
Spot clean wallsXX
Remove cobwebsXXX
Sweep all patios and decksAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Clean inside every cupboard and drawersX
Dust ceiling fans and light fixturesX
Wet clean ceiling fans and light fixturesX
Dust blindsXXX
Wet clean blindsX
Making bedsXXX
Clean and sanitize sink and countertopsXXX
Clean outside appliancesXXX
Clean inside microwaveXXX
Clean ranges | stoveXXX
Clean ovenAdd-onAdd-onX
Clean inside refrigeratorAdd-onAdd-onX
Clean and sanitize sink and countertopsXXX
Wet clean all cabinets frontsXXX
Clean light fixturesXXX
Desinfect bathroom floorsXXX
Clean mirrorsXXX
Clean and sanitize toilet bowlXXX
Clean furnitureXXX
Vacuum RugsXXX
Dust light bulbsXXX
Wet clean light bulbsXX
Dust furnitureXXX
Window cleaning (inside only)XX

Keeping Boundaries Clear

What we do not Clean

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